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Virtual Chat Experts are programmed to provide superior online customer service.
  • Reduce Inbound Calls/Emails
  • Instant Accurate Answers 24/7
  • Reduce Cost Per Resolution

Virtual Chat Experts Deflect Inbound Support Requests

Virtual Chat Experts are custom developed to enhance online customer service while reducing the costs of customer support. Help Interactive's advanced Artificial Intelligence Chat solution provides the live support experience for the typical cost of online self service applications. The Virtual Chat Expert's Advanced Natural Language Parsing (NLP) engine understands customer service and support questions at the structural level to instantly deliver accurate, intelligent support.

Help Interactive's virtual chat agents provide intelligent online customer service that has proven effective for several e business goals. The Virtual Chat Expert assists site processes by addressing customer concerns and providing needed information in order to lift site conversions by as much as 25%. Providing a click-to-chat or proactive rules-based chat invitation can deflect inbound calls and emails by 30% and dramatically reduce the cost per customer incident. Customers that require extra attention can be seamlessly escalated to a live chat agent using our Hybrid Chat interface, or the virtual chat transcript can be transferred to a telephone operator for more effecient telephone support.

Virtual Chat Experts provide customer help 24 hours a day and are capable of simultaneously assisting 10 or 10 million customers. Help Interactive's Artificial Intelligence Chat engine allows customers to ask for the information they need using natural language and receive instant accurate answers that extend brand messaging and replicate your top customer service representative.
Chat with our Virtual Assistant
Augment live support with Artificial Intelligence Chat for immediate customer service and support.
  • Increase Site Conversions 20%
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Maximize Agent Labor Hours

Hybrid Chat Combines Live Support with Artificial Intelligence Chat

The Hybrid Chat Interface allows live agents to log in and chat side-by-side with Artificial Intelligence in a highly customizable blend of human and automated interaction. Hybrid Chat is the only internet customer service application to not only buffer customer service and support questions with a virtual chat agent, but to also use the Artificial Intelligence Chat to actively assist live agents throughout the entire conversation.

The Virtual Chat Agent buffering system works to both qualify chats and to reduce the number of responses live agents need to manually provide. The Hybrid Chat solution can be used to gather customer information and answer frequently asked questions. Varied customer business solutions are available to meet the desired user experience, but Help Interactive offers the ability for the virtual chat agent to handle the entire chat conversation and only alert the live support representative when an unrecognized question is asked, greatly reducing cost per resolution and customer response times.

When a live support agent is engaged in a conversation, the virtual chat agent continues to monitor the chat and actively provides intelligent support. Drawing from the robust custom knowledge base, the Artificial Intelligence Chat engine displays suggested responses to the live support agent. We call these suggestions from the Artificial Intelligence 'SmartResponses.' SmartResponses are displayed directly below the live agent entry field and can be configured to either be sent manually or after a specified amount of time. Whichever configuration you may prefer, SmartResponses have proven to increase the number of simultaneous conversations of one live support agent by 2�5X!
Bring abandoning customers back with intelligent support surveys.
  • Increase Conversions by 10%
  • Capture Abandoning Traffic
  • Gather Non-Customer Insight

Reduce Abandonment with Intelligent Support Surveys

Online surveys are a valuable method of gaining customer insight and feedback, however Help Interactive's Intelligent Support Surveys also lead abandoning customers back to your site. We work with businesses to a develop a survey strategy that asks the right questions to targeted customers in order to guide exiting customers back down the conversion funnel.

Help Interactive's multi-threaded Intelligent Support Surveys identify why a visitor is abandoning and then provides questions and information that leads them back to your site. Help Interactive combines the custom survey solution with a custom reporting engine that delivers unmatched results and customer insight.
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